Autumn Bench by Chris Bee ArtPhotography
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Autumn Bench

     The bench in the garden is synonymous with romance. Peynet's sweethearts swore eternal love to each other, sitting at their bench. In autumn, the air is crisp, the sky deep blue. The landscape is tinged with a sea of colors ranging from golden yellow to carmine red.


     Category: landscape, digital art


     The artwork is digitally signed by my self and are available in 3x4 print format as Digital Download in JPG format at 3525x4700 px - DPI 300 of resolution, as NFT in full uncompressed resolution in PNG format at 7275x9700 px - PPI 762 or as a small or large format wall print on Canvas, Acrylic, Brushed Metal, HD Metal, Wood, Mural, Framed print, Roll prints or Puzzle

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